Mestizo chic

Being a cosmopolitan sort of chap with a completely irrational dislike of John Motson; I always like to listen to a bit of atmospheric music during a football game. So this may be the first in a short and intermittent series of posts which will opportunistically combine two Harry’s Place popular heresies: music and football.

In this respect however Paraguay presents a bit of a problem, even though suggests that that something called “Reggaton” (Which to me conjures up an image of Wardy’s Rastaman cousin) is the favourite music of Paraguayans and : the Spanish guitar and European harp are among the most popular instruments in the country.

Altogether it sounds like it might produce a most delightful racket, somewhat reminiscent of Wednesday night “Irish music” jams in the Amersham arms in New Cross – somewhere, I might add, where you can also often experience a version of the famous Paraguayan “bottle dance” which (also according to involves the performer twirling a bottle around his head.

Cultural crossovers eh? Marvelous stuff!

What the hell am I going to listen to during this game?

And what the hell is there to be said about Paraguay?

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Well despite the usual overcautious tactics England won 1-0– and I mostly listened to The Clash during the first half and Kirsty MacColl (England 2 Colombia 0 – closest I could get) in the second.