UK Politics

A Prayer

Nick Cohen, in tonight’s Evening Standard (not online) prays that “it’s greed driving George”:

“I want to ask a question of my own: would you think worse of Mr Galloway if the Americans were right and he was corrupt? I wouldn’t. Corruption is deplorable, but it is a common human vice. Is it better to grovel before fascists because you’ve been paid to grovel before them? Or because you sincerely believe in their courage, strength and indefatigability?

The questions aren’t only for Mr Galloway. With a few honourable exceptions, the anti-war movement has accepted the leadership of an apologist for totalitarianism. Most of the newspapers have praised him or left him alose. The fearsome interviewers of the BBC have never given him a proper grilling.

People look back at the 20th century and marvel at the Tories who sucked up to Hitler and the socialists who sucked up to Stalin. We think we’ve learned the lessons of the past and are better than them.”