The Kind Anti-Imperialist

The Socialist Worker has published a flattering character portrait of Musab al-Zarqawi, which goes a long way towards rehabilitating the image of this much maligned anti-imperialist and decapitator. Here is a choice passage:

Al-Zarqawi’s journey to becoming an international leader of terror took place in prison. Torture and solitary confinement boosted his determination to challenge authority. He showed strong leadership qualities and organisational skills. The inmates elected him their leader. People were impressed by his determination and his kindness. Once he personally bathed a mujahideen who had been injured and had lost a leg.

For those of you too lazy to read the article in full, here are the key points:

1: Al Qaedism is “the new anti-imperialist ideology“.

2: Zarqawi was a kind man, dedicated to “overthrowing the corrupt Arab regimes

3: A bit like Rubin “Hurricane” Carter, Zarqawi was the man the authorities came to blame for somethin’ that he never done.

4: America tried to make Zarqawi an international bogeyman, but their fiendish plot backfired and turned Al Qaedism into a “global anti-imperialist creed“.

5: Bush = Hitler

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(Hat Tip: Jim Denham)