Good Timing

Syria’s ex de facto governor of Lebanon General Ghazi Kenaan was an obviously useful source of information for the UN investigation into the murder of the latter state’s former Prime Minister Rafik Hariri on Valentine’s Day earlier this year.

How convenient for the interests of the last surviving Baathist regime that the poor fellow was discovered yesterday in the Ministry of the Interior with his brain wiped clean by a bullet.

The UN Report on Hariri’s death is due on 25th October. Whether Kenaan’s untimely demise provokes the Syrian State to open a similar investigation which will throw light on this latest death is rather more debatable.

Prominent Lebanese legislator and journalist, Gebran Tueni, cast doubt on the suicide report. “It is not known for sure if he committed suicide, or was made to commit suicide,” Mr Tueni told Al-Arabiya television from Paris.