Dress Down Friday

I like the Archers

I have a confession to make. I like the Archers.

Actually, that’s putting it a bit strong. I don’t turn it off when it is on.

By and large, however, I really don’t like that much on Radio 4.

In particular, I don’t like:

You and Yours or Women’s Hour or any programme which investigates consumer affairs, and concludes – mirabile dictu – that Life is INCREDIBLY DANGEROUS.

– The Daily Service.

Home Truths: every time I turn it on, the entire programme seems to be devoted to stories about parents whose children have contracted cancer and then died in car crashes. In fact, founding presenter John Peel’s death is itself the sort of story that typifies the awful, depressing nature of this programme.

Something Understood with Mark Tully. Trite rubbish.

Any Questions. Like a blog, but generally less well informed.

Any Answers. Like the comments box of a blog, on a particularly bad day.

– Most BBC Radio 4 “comedy” especially if it is either by, or about, doctors.

6Music, however – now that’s another story.