HP reader’s op-ed tells truth about Galloway

In advance of George Galloway’s performance in Madison, Wisconsin, next Sunday, Harry’s Place reader Dan Erdman convinced the local newspaper to publish an op-ed piece with some truth about the Bethnal Green and Bow MP.

As Dan writes:

[T]here are some inconvenient facts about Galloway that aren’t often reported in the American press. Whatever one’s opinion about the Bush administration’s wars, no one who claims to be a progressive ought to have anything to do with Galloway, a dishonest, authoritarian reactionary.

The newspaper, The Capital Times, is one of the co-sponsors of Galloway’s appearance. A Republican state representative earlier denounced the scheduled appearance of Galloway, along with actress Jane Fonda, as a “hate fest.” But Dan’s take on Galloway is strictly from the democratic Left.

Well done.