Loss of perspective watch

From the Free Republic:

“Well the new Harry Potter book has arrived and I can report the first page of the first chapter contains an obvious jab at our president. The book begins with the British Prime Minister awaiting a phone call from the “President” of an unnamed distant country, and wondering when the “wretched man” would call.

As a fan of the books and for that matter of Rowling’s personal story and success, I’m saddened that liberal madness had to invade this children’s classic. The first chapter was otherwise perfectly enjoyable.

I’m not saying anything else in the chapter was intentionally connected to current events, but I had to draw the comparison with what has ended up in British headlines at the same time as the book release. In the book, the Prime Minister is dealing with unexplained events, at least some of which could be terrorist like. Indeed, they are the work of sinister forces. Whereas I’m sure in this book series, ultimate help will come from the wizarding world, in reality Britain needs the support of the leader J.K. Rowling refers to as that “wretched man.” How sadly misguided.”

Just for the record: J.K.Rowling is an open and proud fan of The Smiths and therefore can do no wrong in my view.

And that includes writing sub dungeons and dragons books with two dimensional characters.