Did Atzmon think he was going to give a speech? I think he did.

Did the SWP let him speak? I think they did not.

From this account of an AWL picket it seems that Atzmon did no more than toot his sax tunelessly while the assembled SWPers shuffled clumsily around the dancefloor.

If I’m right about this, let me be the first to say:

“Oooh Censorship!! The SWP has denied Atzmon his inalienable right to deliver his ‘fearless anti zionist tirades’ (c). Shame!! Shame!!!”

You know what I think. The SWP are probably part of the jew conspiracy themselves. Only explanation for it, really.

Hat Tip: Spirit

Gene adds: A commenter who apparently is in close contact with Gilad Atzmon has posted in the comments an email she received from him about his appearance at Marxism 2005:

In fact, let me tell you what happened: we had a full house. 300 people, I gave 25 minutes talk that was followed by a standing ovation!!! Then Razanne Carmey, a brilliant Palestinian play writer gave her talk.

Shortly after I commenced my musical performance. The event was a major success both for the SWP and myself. After the event The SWP and myself have decided to step up our collaboration. We are now planning a major UK tour in the winter.

She also posted a message from a member of the audience:

Having been there myself, to my knowledge, this is what happened.

I was sitting in the front row. I had no idea of numbers, or how long Mr Atzmon spoke, but I certainly whistled when Mr Atzmon was done speaking. (I’m a lame whistler, but the sentiment holds) I had a brief glance at the room at one point, and it looked pretty full; I could tell because I did not see any empty chairs, and there were many people standing by the entrance to the hall (due to lack of seating, late-comers).

Mr Atzmon followed Ms Carmey’s emotionally moving play on life in the occupied territories. During his talk, Mr Atzmon announced he was not allowed to give a Q&A after his talk due to timing constraints imposed on the venue, but Mr Atzmon offered to answer any questions outside, after the show. There was a heckler, whom Mr Atzmon dealt with swiftly, barring future hecklers from interrupting him whilst he was giving his talk.

The audience was in agreement with Mr Atzmon, demonstrating this with a round of applause. Mr Atzmon acknowledged the audience’s applause and continued speaking. (I am sorry, I cannot remember what the heckle was regarding.) Mr Atzmon wrapped up his talk to be greeted with riotous clapping and cheering. He had touched us all that night.

The elegant Razanne Carmey soon followed, making her wonderful, informative comparative speech on plays; including a poignant analogy of the occupied territories, bringing its reality vividly to Londoners. Ms. Carmey was also received with high praise as she left the stage.

The room erupted with pleasure at the sight of Mr Atzmon and his band preparing to play. The audience was clapping and stamping in unison. Mr Atzmon unleashed his brand of jazz, playing his heart out for the remainder of the allotted time. It is hard to imagine why people would target a man of such delightful talents and fearless honesty.

Outside the hall, Mr Atzmon’s books and CDs were selling at a ferocious pace. Mr Atzmon signed all manner of materials, indulging anyone who cared to ask him any questions.

I believe everything in my statement to be truthful. I do not believe I have exaggerated the audience’s appreciation of Mr Atzmon. I consider this event to be a success for all concerned. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Mr Atzmon and Ms Carmey, and Mr Smith (SWP) for putting this event together.


Zaki Boulos,

So it appears that not only was the antisemitic Atzmon unchallenged (except for a single heckler), he received a standing ovation (for his talk, not his playing) and will be “stepping up” his collaboration with the SWP, including a “major UK tour.”

Does anyone have another version of what happened Sunday?