Anti Fascism


The Socialist Workers Party, in coalition with the Muslim Brotherhood/Muslim Association of Britain has held a small “vigil” for the victims of the Islamist bombing of London. According to the BBC:

…it was Dr Assami Tamimi, of the Muslim Association of Britain, who drew the biggest response from the crowd.

“This wasn’t an attack on a certain creed or race. This was on everybody in London.”

He told the BBC News website a “three-pronged” approach was needed to combat such attacks.

“Firstly, we have to be vigilant as citizens and co-operate with the security services.

“Muslims also need to kill the ideology behind this, that justifies the killing of innocents – this is Machiavellian and is anti-Islamic.

“And we need to pressure the government to change its policy. If we hadn’t had the war in Iraq this would never have happened.”

It is good to hear Tamimi state openly that Islamist jihadism is a cause of the war we face, and not – as some have suggested – a product of it. He knows, of course, that jihadism is an expression of the Islamist political movement of which he is is a prominent member. He also knows that the salafist Islamists regard the Muslim Brotherhood/Muslim Association of Britain as “munaafiqeen” – hypocrites – or worse, so perhaps there’s some small sense in which his concern is genuine.

But its a bit like hearing Nick Griffin of the BNP condemn Combat 18. By condeming them, it makes him appear moderate by comparison.

Let’s not fool ourselves. This is no change of heart by Mr Tamimi. In absolute terms, the Muslim Brotherhood/Muslim Association of Britain are vicious extremists and falangists who should never have been allowed to dip even a toe into the political mainstream. They are ideologically, close cousins of the jihadists. We would probably never have heard of them, had they not entered into a formal alliance with the Socialist Workers Party, who evidently tutored them in keeping quiet about their more foul views, including – for example – the execution of apostates in the Islamic state they hope to establish.

Compare and contrast Tamimi’s words today, with his words two years ago. In 2003, Tamimi issued brave sounding threats to sue Louise Ellman MP if she repeated outside Parliament her claim that Tamimi himself has “links with Islamic terrorists” and that he has “used his speeches to promote hatred against Jews and the destruction of the state of Israel“. The claims made by Mrs Ellman MP include:

Mr Tamimi has advised [Hamas] on its public relations strategy.

Mrs Ellman quoted from a number of Mr Tamimi’s speeches, including one in Vienna in which he reportedly said that Israel would be destroyed and replaced by an Islamic state, and that the Jews should “sail on the sea in ships back to where they came from and all drown in it.”

Addressing a Palestinian Solidarity rally in Westminster… Mr Tamimi allegedly said: “Listen, Israel and Jews around the world, unless you change there is no future for you.”

[When interviewed on the World at One] Mrs Ellman stood by her actions. “It is important that the British public know what his views are. I am extremely concerned by what he has said and have yet to hear a denial from him.”

What was Tamimi’s answer to that?

“As a Muslim, martyrdom is an integral part of Islamic theology and these young men from the Islamic perspective are not committing suicide.”

He added: “What they are doing is that they are turning themselves as an act of sacrifice into bombs because this is the only way to stop Israel from attacking Palestinians.”

Indeed, in an interview with Tim Sebastian in November 2004, Tamimi expressed a strong desire, if only he was able… well perhaps not by blowing himself up, you understand…that’s for other people, of course.
It is very clear, isn’t it, that Tamimi’s views have not changed one jot. His true views is that the murder of civilians by suicide bombing is a religiously sanctioned act of sacrifice. All Tamimi has done is transfer his existing analysis to the streets of London, while seeking to disguise it by false expressions of concern.

To put it bluntly: Tamimi is a supporter and cheerleader for Islamist terrorism. He shares the terrorists goals and he applauds their methods. His real message to the United Kingdom, as it is to jews, is “unless you change there is no future for you“. It is the very same message which the jihadist terrorists in London have for the people of the United Kingdom, and their confrères have for the people of Iraq.

Tamimi has no interest at all in solidarity with the victims of Islamist terrorism at all. The purpose of his attendance at the rally was simply to threaten Londoners further.

It is important that the British public know what Tamimi’s views are.