“I believe in death”

Manuela Dviri, the mother of an Israeli soldier killed by Hezbollah, has written about meeting Wafa Samir al-Biss, the young Palestinian woman who was treated for burns in an Israeli hospital and recently was arrested when she tried to enter the country to carry out a suicide attack.

The Jerusalem Post reported that she intended to target the hospital where she was treated, but now she claims she was going to blow herself up at another hospital.

Wafa had been sent on her mission by the Abu Rish Brigade, the small militant faction with links to Fatah. She did not, she said later, regret it, though she stressed that her decision had had nothing to do with her scarring. “My dream was to be a martyr. I believe in death,” she said. “Today I wanted to blow myself up in a hospital, maybe even in the one in which I was treated. But since lots of Arabs come to be treated there, I decided I would go to another, maybe the Tel Hashomer, near Tel Aviv. I wanted to kill 20, 50 Jews …”

Tel Hashomer treats Arab patients too.

(Via Mick Hartley.)

Update: Another fact to consider for those who think they’ve got Israel all figured out: Arab doctors at Israeli hospitals (like this one) routinely treat Jews, including victims of terrorist attacks.

Further update: A Palestinian doctor who works at the hospital where the woman was treated comments.