What kind of man thinks Galloway is “manly”?

The love fest for George Galloway on the US antiwar Left continues. (Via normblog.)

But Galloway has also earned an admirer on the US antiwar Right– one Charley Reese, part of the same firmament that includes Pat Buchanan, Lew Rockwell and Justin Raimondo.

After watching Galloway perform last week before Norm Coleman’s Senate subcommittee, Reese wrote:

If you would like a role model on how a manly person should act in front of politicians and the media, I highly recommend the Honorable George Galloway, a member of the British Parliament.

(You can tell Reese is a rightwinger because he uses words like “manly.” Otherwise what he writes is pretty indistinguishable from the leftwing paeans to the Bethnal Green and Bow MP.)

After recapping Galloway’s manly testimony (which he accepts unquestioningly), Reese advised his readers:

Follow the example of a brave man. Don’t let politicians or the media browbeat you, intimidate you or lie about you. Be honest. Tell the truth, and don’t sugarcoat it. The world needs more Galloways and far fewer Colemans.

There is, however, some reason to question Reese’s judgment of human character and conduct. For instance he wrote that Jefferson Davis, president of the Confederacy during the American civil war, was “one of the greatest Americans who ever lived… Had he not ended up on the politically incorrect side of the War of Northern Aggression, his story would be the stuff of novels and motion pictures.”

By the “politically incorrect side,” he means the side that wanted to maintain slavery. As for the man who led the struggle to defeat that side and free the slaves, he writes, “Washington and Jefferson created the republic; Lincoln destroyed it.”

Reese, unsurprisingly, is something of a hero among the neo-Confederates at various “southern heritage” websites.