Vote 2005

Live from Bethnal Green

The Harry’s Place contingent has been out and about in Bethnal Green and Bow today. Here are a few of the highlights:

1. Working class voter to David T: “Tell that traitor Galloway to get back to Scotland” She also said some things that we couldn’t possible repeat here for fear of Galloway’s legal eagles.

2. “If Galloway wins I’m moving” – a woman voter.

3. The only time Iraq was raised on the doorsteps by a voter was from a Tory who proudly told us he attended the Feb 15th Stop the War march.

4. Loads of Labour activists from all over the UK and beyond. Including Swedish social democrats.

5. The odd Respect leaflet – mostly ripped up or defaced.

6. George Galloway looking rather lonely and bemused on top of his ‘battle bus’ which stopped at red lights just as the Harry’s Place canvassing team was strolling by. A brief and candid exchange of opinions ensued. Local workers joined in with more colourful languge.

Oona King needs everyone who can to show their support. If you have speare hour call is 020 7729 6682. Campaign HQ is 349 Cambrige Heath Road just by the Bethnal Green tube station.

Until victory, until Bethnal Green!

Update: Another view from the campaign.