Common ground

Despite the recent tension between their two countries, Japanese capitalists and Chinese Communists have managed to find something they agree on— namely union-busting and strike-breaking at the Uniden Electronic Products plant in Shenzhen, China.

[B]y Saturday, eight days after the strike began, Uniden started humming again with a full complement of 10,600 young men and women in pastel uniforms, their dexterous hands busily assembling cordless phones for export to Wal-Mart stores and other destinations. Several strike leaders had disappeared, probably to jail cells, their frightened colleagues said. Pressure from local government officials, backed by police, had forced the employees back to the assembly line, once again deferring their dream of a worker-run union.

Given their attitude towards union organizing at their stores in the US and Canada, I don’t imagine Wal-Mart executives experienced any angst over this outcome.