Vote 2005

A Decent Tory?

How many times has someone told you that although they despised John Major’s goverment, Major himself seemed like a decent bloke?

In fact, every single time I have heard this opinion it is always followed by this:

“Politics aside, he’d be alright to have a natter with about cricket over a pint in the pub”.

I think it is a useful guide in the search for the decent Tory. I mean could you imagine spending half an hour in the company of Liam Fox?

I’m really struggling to think of someone in the Tory leadership I could pass a pleasant 30 minutes and three pints of bitter with. But there must be someone, I mean even Thatcher’s rabble had a few characters who would have been tolerable company for half an hour – well, at least if they brought their daughters along.

I tell you what. Let’s find the Decent Tory via the method they used for so long to decide their party leader.

I’ll be taking ‘soundings’ in the comments box.

And about the politicians – not their daughters.

Update: If it makes it culturally easier for some of you – I’ll accept people you would happily share a bruschetta with.