UK Politics

Flying Scotsmen

Twice elected leader of the Scottish National Party Alex Salmond complains in Dundee that the Labour party is ignoring Scotland.

Meanwhile in London Jeremy Paxman blasts what he calls the Scottish Raj comparing Caledonian dominance of Westminster to India’s British imperialist rulers.

“Last night the presenter, whose grandmother was born in Glasgow, expressed concern at the growing influence of the “Scottish ruling class” that he believes is dominating public life in England.”

The Times adds:

A strong Scottish presence at Westminster has been a feature of Tony Blair’s government. Cabinet ministers who are also Scots include Gordon Brown, Alistair Darling and Lord Falconer.

I suppose voting the Labour Party out of power at the next election is one strategy of ridding London of the Jacobites infestation. There’s always the option of voting for the Tories if Bonnie Prince Charlie Kennedy’s cause is judged too hopelessly romantic. But what if Michael Howard’s party puts up a poor showing then ? Liam Fox and Michael Gove might know the answer.