Thousands of neo-Nazis march in Dresden

“In the largest neo-Nazi demonstration in Germany’s postwar history…” is a phrase that ought to send chills through any rational observer.

And the rhetoric of one leader of the neo-Nazi National Party of Germany (NPD) ought to send a chill or two through some on the anti-imperialist Left:

Addressing the rally, the NPD’s leader in the Saxon parliament, Holger Apfel, launched an attack on what he called the “gangster politics of the British and Americans”.

He said: “They have left a trail of blood from the past to the present, via Dresden, Korea, Vietnam, Baghdad and – tomorrow possibly – Tehran. Terror and war have a name. And that name is the United States of America.”

I did find it reassuring that there were hundreds of anti-fascist counter-demonstrators and that several of them waved British, US and Israeli flags. That fact is sure to mystify and confuse all the right people.