Iraq’s contras

Christopher Hitchens compares the Palestinian struggle against occupation with what he calls Iraq’s contras and concludes:

The so-called “insurgency” in Iraq does not have a tithe of the historic justification for the resistance in Palestine. Nor can it ever hope to speak, even by proxy, for an Iraqi majority. (To take just one overlooked example, the majority of Kurds are formally Sunni.) Its conduct is a continuation of a reign of terror that lasted three decades. Its victory would mean misery and death on a colossal scale. It and its murderers must and will be worn down, by sheer, adamant intransigence. The newly elected leader of the Palestinians has said to the suicide-mongers, in effect, Do not be the last ones to die for a mistake. This message will be driven home in Iraq, as well.

He makes a number of interesting points about the recent election in Palestine and the upcoming one in Iraq on his way to reaching that conclusion. They are made here.

Thanks to Swift in the comments.