Bloggy stuff

This is frightening: The World’s First Video Blogging Software.

On reflection, I think I’ll skip thanks. After all how can you anonymously vlog?

Or at least I’ll wait until they have developed video comments boxes. Now that would be fun…

Audio blogging does appeal to me though. I like the idea of recording a half-hour interview or round-table discussion and then putting the content on the site or even streaming it live. I am sure there has to be a cheap way of doing this. Anyone any suggestions?

Meanwhile, Jackie D (who has discreetly returned to general blogging) has this as her quote of the day from Simon Waldman, Director of Digital Publishing for Guardian Newspapers:

Now here’s a big challenge to traditional media: yes, anyone can run a blog and call themselves a reporter, but ‘access’ is operated almost on a cartel basis. The ability to bag the big names is one of the things that keeps big media big. If that moves, everything moves.

Leaving aside the fact that I don’t know any blogger who calls himself a ‘reporter’, Waldman has a point. But how many of us actually try to get interviews with big names?

I reckon bloggers might be surprised if they actually asked. After all blogs are certainly en vogue at the moment and there would surely be plenty of big media coverage if, for example, Tony Blair decided to do an exclusive interview with a UK political blog.