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Community Leaders

There has been some discussion in this thread about the tendency of self appointed religious community leaders, who tend to be “a small number of very conservative, middle aged men“, to claim to be the “voice” of an entire cultural community.

Well, these people have taken umbrage at this fellow who has recently established this site which describes itself as the Board of Guardians of British Jews:

“The Voice of All Jews since 1967”

The website announces that

– the Chief Rabbi is playing the role of the Green Giant in a community production of Jack and the Beanstalk;

– that Spurs has instituted a “football kiddush” for all Saturday matches;

– that the Board has determined that all British jews are to spell the festival of Chanukah as “Chanukah” (rather than Chanukka, Hanukka, or any of the other popular spellings); and

– that there are 25 different sorts of jews living in Britain, who spend a collective £45m on smoked salmon each year, and all of whom are required by law to serve in the Royal Navy

The real Board of Deputies are not best pleased. Echoing the concerns of sikhs at the portrayal of their co-religionists on the stage, the Board fulminates:

It’s quite clear that misleading and inaccurate quotes will be picked up by those hostile to our community and used as accurate descriptions. It’s not a funny site and acts as a disservice to our community.

Well, they would say that, wouldn’t they?