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Voice of the People

A selection of voices – mostly in Iraq – on the recent BBC Have Your Say site which asked for opinions on the battle for Fallujah:

From BBCArabic.com:I am originally from Falluja. I support the government in its use of force to rid us from the terrorist gangs that have been wrecking havoc in my city and causing pain to my people. I say to Arabs outside Iraq: Please save us your comments because you don’t know the crimes that have been committed by these gangs under the guise of religion and resistance.
Ahlam Jamil, Iraq

From BBCArabic.com: I am surprised at those who describe terror as resistance. Where was this resistance during Saddam’s reign? Wasn’t there any injustice then? Did he not kill thousands in cold blood?
Tariq, Baghdad

From BBCArabic.com: Some are shedding tears for Falluja and for the terrorists and murderers, but no-one seems to have spared a thought for the bereaved families who have lost loved ones because of the car bombs etc, manufactured by those criminals who call themselves part of the resistance. Allawi’s decision is a sound one and should have been taken and implemented long before now. Iraq does not need criminals to defend it.
Wisam, Basra, Iraq

It’s about time that the US/Iraqis dealt with the influx of suicide bombers and religious zealots who are seeping into Iraq to die as “martyrs”. These misguided and death-seeking crazies must be killed before they kill more innocents. The so-called Left really don’t get what’s happening in Iraq at all. It’s really a case of crazy Islamists/Baathists versus the Iraqi people. As an Iraqi I hope we can clear Iraq of this evil vermin without delay.
Ibrahim Al-Shammar, Scotland

I think the US action in Falluja is justified and would bring some measure of sanity after the assault.
Andrew Ihedi Umezuruike, Bamenda, Cameroon

From BBCArabic.com:I blame Dr Allawi for waiting this long to take this decision. But we are with Dr Allawi in his efforts to get rid of these criminals.
Uthman Deleemi, Ramadi, Iraq

From BBCArabic.com: Imposing martial law is the right step to stabilise Iraq. The battles in Falluja are fought against foreign terrorists and insurgents.
Maher Abbas, Baghdad, Iraq

There is no alternative to what the US Army is doing in Falluja. The city must be pacified. For months now those murderers and terrorist operating out of that cursed city have been kidnapping bombing and killing thousands of innocent ordinary Iraqis. It is surprising how people in the West have such a narrow viewpoint on this matter. These murderers bomb our schools and kill our innocent children, whilst the coalition is trying its best to build and help us move forward. It is not the coalition to blame it is not they who plot and plan these attacks.
A A Ali, Baghdad, Iraq

From BBCArabic.com: The decision of Dr Allawi is the right one, but it came a bit late. We all know that all suicide bombings in Iraq are linked to Falluja.
Muwaffaq, Iraq

May god be on the side of our brave Iraqi soldiers as they try to clean up Falluja of those barbarians. I just can’t stand the hypocrisy of many Arabs in countries neighbouring Iraq. Why didn’t they speak out when Saddam was committing mass murders against his people? I know very well that they all fear the establishment of a stable democratic Iraq because it may lead to the downfall of their dictatorships. Deep inside their hearts, they wish that Iraq will burn from north to south so that their regimes last and some of them wish the same for pure sectarian reasons.
Mohammad Al Zubaidy, Glasgow, UK