War etc

Fighting for Peace

According to the Pakistan based Daily Times novelist Arundhati Roy will pick up AUS$50,000 and something called the Australian Peace Prize this week in Sydney.

In a television program screened by the Australian Broadcasting Corp last month, she called on people to “become the Iraqi resistance.” She said activists and resistance movements “need to understand that Iraq is engaging in the front lines of empire and we have to…throw our weight behind the Iraqi resistance.

Presumably this sort of thing – evidence of which is coming to light after raids in Fallujah – is considered above board and defensible in Roy’s world.

We have found hostage slaughterhouses in Fallujah that were used by these people and the black clothing that they used to wear to identify themselves

No doubt Roy will console herself with the thought that the slow stressful deaths of Nepalese labourers, Turkish lorry drivers, Japanese backpackers and British Aid workers are all part of the glorious struggle for peace.

I am not very well educated. I haven’t lived abroad. So it’s not as though I am like Salman Rushdie or Vikram Seth. Roy has admitted.

No disagreements there.