Stop your Sobbing

I automatically assume everyone who reads Harry’s Place also checks in at Normblog every day.

In the event that there are people reading this who don’t click on his link regularly – why not remedy that now and check out his reaction to the post US election weeping and a wailing ?

Four more years? Four more years, not of George W. Bush, but of this, is not something one can contemplate with either relish or optimism. Liberals and leftists should stop wailing and ask themselves some tough questions: first and foremost, where they themselves might have gone wrong (so many of them), repeatedly wrong, in their alignment within international conflicts – and why. You lose a democratic battle, you fight on, that’s all. You make the argument again or differently. You look to see whether there are mistakes, misconceptions, bad assumptions, bad practices, on your own side. You try to persuade people. You show some elementary civic respect to those on the other side.