Schoolboy Humour

Reorganising shelves full of books after a recent move I smiled as I remembered I owned this hilarious thing from which the following potted histories come.

On the Nineteenth Century:

Many remarkable discoveries were made. Most memorable among these was the discovery (made by all the rich men in England at once) that women and children could work for 25 hours a day in factories without many of them dying or becoming excessively deformed. This was known as the industrial revelation and completely changed the face of the North of England

A condensed Scottish History:

The Scots, however, continued to squirl and hoot at the Orange, and a rebellion was raised by the memorable Viscount Slaughterhouse (The Bonnie Dundee) and his Gallivanting Army. Finally Slaughterhouse was defeated at the pass of Ghilliekrankie and the Scots were all massacred at Glascoe, near Edinburgh…after which they were forbidden to curl or hoot or even to wear the kilt. (This was a good thing, as the Kilt was one of the causes of their being so uproarious and Scotch.)