“How sad this is”

One of our regular commenters complained recently about “the gazillions of lawyers the Democrats have got ready to contest any state that might throw up a Democratic victory if you recount enough times.”

Here’s one example of why some of those lawyers might be needed. National Public Radio reported:

In a contentious hearing in Akron on Thursday, Summit County (Ohio) election officials dismissed all 976 challenges brought forth by the state Republican Party.

Some of the challenged voters spoke at the hearing. Here is what one of them said:

My name is Patricia Triplett. I have lived in my precinct for 35 years… You don’t know me, and you brought me up here. We have boys and girls over in another country fighting for someone else’s right to vote, and you challenge my right to vote in this country. How sad this is. How sad this is that you’re allowed to do that to us. It’s just unbelievable and it scares me.

One can only hope that this kind of stuff backfires on the Republicans, and ends up costing them more votes than they manage to suppress. If they think that these mass challenges will discourage Democratic voters, perhaps they miscalculated.