Galloway and Bungle

George Galloway and the SWP’s Respect Coalition now has a website.

Judging from the image they present with their web design they clearly hope that Geoffrey and Bungle will be helping Galloway in his bid to raise a million pounds ‘to beat Blair’.

The Founding Statement/Wish list is fairly predictable but does at least offer a glimpse at the internal debates that must have preceeded its publication.

Opposition to all forms of discrimination based on race, gender, ethnicity, religious beliefs (or lack of them), sexual orientation, disabilities, national origin or citizenship.

The right to self-determination of every individual in relation to their religious (or non-religious) beliefs, as well as sexual choices.

Call me a cynic but do those items in brackets not rather give the impression that the rights of non-believers were added-on as an after-thought/ ammendment?