Final word on comments etc

Thanks to the kind help of Bobbie at Politx (who has a smart looking new site btw) we have found a way of closing down the old comments boxes and eliminating the threat from sp*mmers and other trouble-makers.

That has dealt with my major concern about the excessive time-consuming management of comments and you will have noticed that we have been leaving the boxes open on all major posts.

Basically as soon as a post falls of the front page and into the archives the comments thread is closed. You can still read the comments but you can’t add to them.

If by chance you find an issue on an old post that you have a burning desire to address you can of course email me a Readers View article which I will consider publishing.

Oh and if you log on to the site in the coming days and find it looking a bit odd then don’t worry. I am bored with the site design and am looking into ways of giving the blog a fresh lick of paint and a new look. So I may be experimenting a little. If anyone has any ideas or fancies a go then just get in touch by email.