Diary of a Dean-o-Phobe

Jonathan Chait of The New Republic (who famously proclaimed his hatred for President Bush earlier this year) has lately found himself hating Howard Dean– the front-runner in the race to oppose Bush in next year’s election– even more.

As he memorably puts it:

Bush is like the next-door neighbor who lets his dog poop on your lawn and his kid shoot bb’s at your house and who says something irritating to you every day on his way to work. Dean, on the other hand, is like the ne’er-do-well who’s dating your daughter. You realize the neighbor is a worse person than the boyfriend, but the boyfriend (and the frightening prospect that he’ll become your son-in-law) consumes more of your attention.

Now Chait has decided to put his dismay at the prospect of Dean as the 2004 Democratic nominee in the form of a blog— a must-read for those of us who share his sense of dread.