UK Politics

It’s the end of the world as we know it……

Imagine if a Daily Mail columnist were freed from having to tread the tripwire of political correctness? Imagine if a Daily Mail columnist was given a weblog in which they could really tell it like it is…..

Our society now is marked by shallowness and sentimentality; a culture where the concept of duty has all but collapsed, and notions of loyalty and trust along with it. These values have been superseded by greed and rapacity, cruelty and humiliation, manipulation and deceit, and a seemingly infinite gullibility in the face of propaganda and lies.

The revolting courtiers who disgustingly betray their trust and sell their intimate knowledge of private lives for huge gains; the revolting Tory MPs who no longer have the humility or self-discipline to buckle down to the collective task of repairing their own manifold deficiencies; the public who made Diana their icon because she told them they could behave atrociously and still look like a supermodel and have the attributes of a saint, or who punish their politicians if they ever tell them the truth about unattainable or irreconcilable goals; the intelligentsia which no longer even recognises the very concept of truth; and last but not least, the ineffable media (of which I am part) with its agenda to tear down and destroy public institutions in order to glorify and empower itself; with all this, it is so surprising that neither IDS not Prince Charles has the faintest idea how to deal with what is so respectfully called ‘a changing society’?

She must be great at swimming under water.

And Norm, this is why we need copy editors.