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Conference blogging

Young Conservative blogger Peter Cuthbertson is at the Tory party conference and claims that “If anything interesting happens, I promise a full diary.”

There’s nothing posted yet…

Peter can’t really do worse than the Labour bloggers who attended conference last week though.

The UK blogosphere was well represented with Paul Richards, Stephen Pollard, Tom Watson MP and young Labour activist Will Parbury all in attendance.

But we didn’t get much in the way of insight. Tom told us about problems in accessing the web at Bournemouth and Paul offered at least a few tidbits but all in all I was rather disappointed by the coverage, or rather the lack of it.

In particular I was keen to know what Stephen Pollard was thinking when Gordon Brown launched into his tirade against Tories who, like Stephen, want to introduce voucher schemes to the NHS?

But can you imagine half a dozen top US political bloggers attending big meetings of the Republican or Democratic parties and not sending several posts a day? I bet we would have had interviews, diary items, analysis and photos.

I suppose this might tell us something else about the difference between UK and US bloggers. At the seaside wiith a bar and a load of old friends around the British had something better to do than blog – which is probaby not a bad thing.

Or perhaps it is the fact that the big US bloggers have thousands of people a day logging on that motivates them to deliver more?

Update: British Spin has made one of his sporadic returns and has some interesting things to say about the Labour conference.

And another thing: Leeds councillor Stuart Bruce points out that he was blogging from the conference hall on his PDA.