The great BloggerCon

Via Jeff Jarvis I came across this item by blogger Oliver Willis called Deflating the Blog Bubble.

It is quite similar to the web bubble. For a while when you were inside the industry (as I was) it would be easy to think: everybody is doing this. When the truth of the matter is that they weren’t and they aren’t. The vast majority of Americans are not online, and even those that are online only a small portion of them are reading blogs, and an even smaller amount are reading politically oriented blogs. That small percentage does tend to be quite influential (particularly if they’re a part of the media) but it is our duty as bloggers to understand that we aren’t exactly changing the world yet.

Exactly. A sense of perspective is badly needed among some American bloggers.

But why I am bothered about this issue, when it clearly doesn’t concern UK bloggers who have no such pretences about their hobby and who are basically ignored by most American blogs anyhow?

Well, if you had never had any experience of blogs and you heard some of the crap being spouted at BloggerCon “we are utopia” etc, then you’d probably be put off the things for life.

In other words some of the more self-deluded geeks can give us all a bad name. We need to protect our brand image.