Onward and upward

I don’t know where to start with Gary Younge’s eulogy to the anti-war movement in the Guardian today.

It seems they got Gerhard Schroeder elected in Germany, in the US they are moving the Democratic Party to the left and by their common efforts they are saving the Iranians and North Koreans.

These are the same people who couldn’t save their deposits in the recent Brent East by-election remember.

Well, I have made my views on the anti-war movement pretty clear here but even some of the Stoppers themselves must baulk at this self-delusion from Younge.

As Paul Richards puts it:

“The Stop the War movement must rank as one of the most spectacular failures of modern politics, and not just for …er…not stopping the war. To turn a coalition of 1m-plus people into a tiny sectarian bunfight in the space of six months must be some kind of record, even for the ultra-left”.