Counter demo

Joining the counter-demo

Weblogger Bill Herbert has made his contribution to today’s counter-demonstration with some photographs that I’d like to hand out to those in London today.

Swiss blogger Francois Brutsch, who is based in London but whose Swiss Roll blog is in French has also given his support to the counter-demo.

Update: Jeff Jarvis links to the demo with this comment on the Stoppers:

I have one suggestion to the marchers: Why don’t you take the example of David Blaine and just shut up for 44 days?
To leave Iraq would be to leave it to anarchy, violence, economic chaos. These people want the U.S. to fail so badly that they would sacrifice the civility and lives of the Iraqi people to meet that goal. These people don’t give a rat’s rump about the Iraqi people.

Let us know via email or the comments box if you blog anything that could be added to today’s collection.