Counter demo

Interested in real solidarity ?

Credit to Sky News for giving a voice to British based Iraqis who oppose the Stop the War demonstrators today.

Today’s event has been criticised by some groups, with the Iraqi Prospect Organisation (IPO) launching its Democracy for Iraq campaign in opposition to the march.

Ahmed Shames, chairman of the IPO, said: “These anti-war groups don’t really care about Iraq, or for the opinions of Iraqis, who don’t want the coalition to abandon them like they did in 1991, they want the world to help them achieve democracy”.

The IPO’s campaign aims to gather financial support to set up a political watchdog to monitor the transition process in Iraq.

Visit the IPO website and give them your support today.

Here is the IPO appeal launched at the same time as today’s demonstration:

Iraq is at a critical stage in its history. It is crucial there is monitoring of the political process to make sure Iraq achieves genuine democracy.

Today the IPO is launching a campaign to gather funds to establish such a monitoring body – Iraq Democracy Watch. For such a project to kick off requires a minimum of £100,000 ($160,000).

Please help us achieve this target, send your generous contributions to: IPO, 15b Walm Lane, London NW2 5SJ, United Kingdom. Make cheques payable to ‘Iraqi Prospect Organisation’. Alternatively, you can debit our Natwest account: Sort Code: 602309 Account Number: 95760415.

Ensure Iraq reaches democracy
Support Iraq Democracy Watch