Norm posted his favourite jazz records recently. I’m going to do the same but I’m unable to put them in any sort of order other than as they come to me. Apologies for the lack of links and italics but my operating system has been down for a while and things don’t seem to work in the same way on my Mac as they did on the PC. Normal service will hopefully return eventually. In the meantime put on a beret, smoke a funny cigarette and put these on…..

1. Dizzy Gillespie – Swing Low Sweet Cadillac

This swings mightily. Play Loud.

2. Diana Krall – Love Scenes

I heard she’s getting or is already married to Elvis Costello. Don’t email me on this subject unless they’re getting divorced. This is her best album in my opinion, the later ones tend to be a bit middle-of-the-road.

3. Dollar Brand – Blues for a Hip King.

If South Africa sounds like Sweet Basil Blues I want to go. Mighty brass.

4. Miles Davis – Kind of Blue

I know half the country owns this disc already but if anyone hasn’t heard Flamenco Sketches played on a good hi-fi after midnight then they’re in for a treat.

5. Pat Methany – Trio 99-00

I first heard this on Radio 3’s Late Junction programme when Verity Sharpe played it late one night. Double honey. Does anyone know if she practices that voice, if so I’d like to go to the rehearsals.

6. Chet Baker – My Funny Valentine

Don’t play these songs unless you have signed a contract waiving the record company from the results. Instant but delicious melancholy.

7. Freddy Hubbard – The Artistry of

Includes a brilliant version of Summertime.

8. Brad Mehldau – Art of the Trio Volume 3

It’s not on this disc but try to hear his version of Neil Young’s Old Man. Country given a jazz makeover. Sublime.

9. Nina Simone – Anything by her.

She’s called the high priestess of soul but she can do jazz pretty well too.

10. Duke Ellingon – Ellington at Newport

This rocks. What else can I say ?