Maybe another tax cut will do the trick

In the same column as below, The Post’s Dana Milbank recalls Bush’s visit last April to Timken Co., a maker of steel bearings in Canton, Ohio, to generate support for his tax cut plan.

“The greatest strength of the American economy is found right here,” Bush said then, predicting the tax cut would bring “more money for investment, more money for growth, and more money for jobs.”

A month later, Bush signed a $350 billion tax cut, less than he wanted but still what he called “a bold package.” And Timken? The company announced last week that it is cutting 900 jobs and lowering its earnings forecasts.

OK, so these things take time– years, maybe even decades. At least those 900 jobless workers can be grateful to the owners of Timken for generously providing them employment as long the company’s bottom line justified it.