The Left

The Big Picture

Marcus has posted below his personal thoughts on what ‘being on the left’ means to him. I’ll do the same sometime soon and I hope Gene will have time to post his thoughts as well.

It has been an underlying current to nearly all the serious discussion on this site – the search of those of us on the democratic left for a clearer sense of what it is we now stand for. We are pretty clear about what we don’t like but much less explicit when it comes to what our agenda is. So why not start a tentative discussion on this issue?

I’m going to throw down the glove to all the lefties who find their way across this site from time to time.

I’d be very interested to read what the likes of bloggers Norman Geras, Blairista and British Spin amongst others have to contribute and obviously I’ll link to any posts they might make on this subject.

But I’d like to encourage left readers to send in their thoughts as well. Not in the madhouse that is the comments boxes but via an email (the address is on the bar to the left) and I’ll post your contributions up here – make them as long or as brief as you like. As general, personal or ideological as you want.

Also send in any links you have to articles that you think deal with the ‘big picture’. The space is here – let’s use it.