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Iranian army occupy university

I haven’t seen any reporting of this but Iranian military have occupied a university in the city of Sanandaj in reaction to protests by students there, says Kurdish media in London.

Reader Richard Bayley has circulated a press release from this Iranian leftist group which gives more detail:

The University has been cordoned off to prevent people from joining the protesting students. Anyone trying to enter the area is arrested. The students have been trapped. The Islamic regime has brought in fresh troops from other cities of Hamadan and Kermanshah. During today’s protest and confrontations, a student has been killed, three wounded, and 140 students have been arrested.

More than half of the university has been burnt down and the Bank of Trade situated in the University Campus had been completely razed to the ground. Several universities in Kurdistan including the Free and Payamnoor University have declared their solidarity with the protesters.

What western media there is in Iran is likely to be concentrated in the capital and it wouldn’t be a surprise if the regime was cracking down harder away from Tehran and the eyes of the world. And it certainly wouldn’t be a surprise if it were a Kurdish area that received the harshest treatment. Worth keeping an eye on this story.