Housewarming message!

So here it is. Thanks to the kind help of those of technical bent who assisted in the switch over and a few late nights tinkering with style sheets and the new user-friendly home of Harry’s Place is up and running and hosted by bloghouse.

I have put a few technical notes below for any readers who are not familar with the features avaliable on MT sites but those of you who are regular readers of other blogs will I am sure be well aware of the advantages.

So, does the new-look mean any changes to the content? The short answer is no. The nicer comments about this blog have pointed out the eclectic variety of topics and the forthright arguments put forward – those will remain. As will the guiding principle – to be thought provoking.

But the partial rebranding (hah hah) as Harry Hatchet and Friends, obviously indicates my aim of involving some other voices as guest posters here.

Marcus is already involved and will continue to make his contributions and I am hoping a couple of other people will also join in occassionaly. Added to that in the coming weeks a political cartoonist will be taking advantage of the ability to post image files on the blog.

Good blogs thrive on good comments from readers. They make the difference between a one-man ranting in the night and a fruitful interactive experience. The comments here will be easier to read and easier to write in – please feel free to take full advantage of the space offered.

Likewise feel free to drop me an email with any suggestions you have. Whether it be topics for discussion, reporting bugs in the page, links to new blogs or any other ideas, I am always happy to hear from readers.

Anyway, enough with the blather, on with the blogging!