Technical Notes

One of the main reasons for changing over to MT is the additional user-friendly features.

For those new to MT sites (not many of you I know) the main addition is the search engine which allows you to keyword search the archives of Harry’s Place – much more use than trawling through the monthly archives.

Also the By Topic section of links will allow you to browse my postings on a series of issues. At the moment it is not much use as my old blogspot postings haven’t been categorised but each new post here will be categorised and so will be accessible via that function.

The comments that you make will also be more reliable now and easier to read but unfortunately I have not been able to incorporate the old comments into the new site.

Best of all, the permalinks to the individual items actually work here and so if you run a blog or if you want to email a link to a specific item then you should be able to do so without the problems associated with the blogspot site.

Any problems you encounter, please feel free to Email me

And finally I will be able to post pictures and graphics and just to prove it here is a nice picture of Pendle Hill in East Lancashire.