Tribune columnist Paul Anderson has a weblog presence entitled (provacatively for some) ‘Gauche’ and subtitled (annoyingly for some) democratic socialism with a libertarian punch.

Being an independent-minded socialist he doesn’t follow Tribune’s anti-war line or the tendency of many on the radical left to turn a blind eye to the Leninist control of the Stop the War Coalition:

Once the fighting kicked off, the protests collapsed. Part of the reason, no doubt, was that at least some onetime anti-war types decided that they had to support “our boys”. But hunch tells me that rather more former-protesters decided that, once push came to shove, the choice between American imperialism kicking Saddam’s ass and his vicious regime surviving was what the Yanks call a no-brainer. In other words, we didn’t want it to come to this, but now it has. Or to put it yet another way, in Leninist-speak: Death to Saddam, long live democratic Iraq!