The American-led reconstruction effort in Iraq is “in chaos” and suffering from “a complete absence of strategic direction”, a very senior British official in Baghdad has told The Daily Telegraph. The comments paint a grim picture of American incompetence and mismanagement as the Coalition Provisional Authority struggles to run post-Saddam Iraq. “This is the single most chaotic organisation I have ever worked for,” the official said.

Interestingly the report says back in London, British ministers are said to be fed up with being “taken for granted”.

This is a growing theme. The US military might be good at blasting their way across deserts but they are proving to be utterly useless when it comes to nation and confidence building.

On the same day Jack Straw made these comments to the BBC about the US and Iran: “Given the long history of Iran, they have to be allowed to sort out their opposition internally. The thing that would most derail the process toward the establishment of a better democracy in Iran would be suggestions that the opposition there was being orchestrated from outside, which happily so far it has not been.”

Right, got you Jack.

Thanks to Matt for the link.