Help Wanted

By Paul M


Some of you may remember a crosspost of about five months ago, now removed from HP, asking for help raising legal funds for James Mendelsohn and Edward Cantor’s defense against allegations of libel, harassment and more.

The case is proceeding to trial and James and Edward need more money to hire counsel. If any of you feel so inclined, they have a new fundraiser here , at JustGiving, which also has an update of the current situation.

It’s worth noting that if you give directly to their legal fund bank account rather than through the crowdfunding site, more of your money gets put to work because there’s no middleman. That is a bit more effort, though, starting with having to email James Mendelsohn directly. His address was included in the mailing I received today, but since I haven’t asked his permission I’m not including it in this post. If you drop me a line at I’ll email you back with it and you can go from there.