I Won’t Translate Ken

I don’t know if it’s his genius and he planned it this way or it’s just incidental but suddenly Jews all over the UK are on the defensive.

Every op-ed in the Jewish Chronicle or Jewish News and even in the nationals seems to be rushing to explain to Joe Public that NO Zionists weren’t actually complicit with Hitler in the Holocaust. Naturally the more people read denials the more they’ll think there’s no smoke without fire.

Cheers Ken.

And this is why I wonder if it’s Ken’s genius. If you really hate Jews pushing this idea is a wonderful way of casting aspersions on us and our ideology of national liberation. And maybe it’s right that people try to educate the public on what the Haavara agreement was but I’m not playing ball. But I’m sorry to disappoint anyone out there but no, Zionists weren’t in league with Hitler.

It isn’t the responsibility of Jews to explain why Livingstone is spouting such nonsense. It isn’t our fault that he’s decided to say these things and it isn’t our fault that members of the Labour Party are arguing that he’s “just spouting facts” (I also think it’s typical of the Morning Star that they rustled up a Jew to argue in Ken’s favour). Perhaps he’s one of those many Jews Ken mentioned as coming up to him in the streets to support him.

Ken’s been held to account by his party and they’ve decided to suspend him for another year.

Anyone who expected more hasn’t been paying attention. Anyone who attempts to explain why Ken’s misguided or wrong is howling at the wind.