Don’t let yourself be played by Trump (a continuing series)

Chris Arnade, a former bond trader on Wall Street who now travels around the US visiting left-behind communities and talking with and photographing their residents, has been tweeting a lot of good sense lately about how liberals and leftists should be dealing with the election of Donald Trump.

For instance Trump has tweeted the ridiculous and unconstitutional suggestion that people who burn American flags should be prosecuted and suffer loss of citizenship or jail time.

It won’t happen. It’s a trap designed to make anyone who denounces it look like an un-American, out-of-touch elitist. But too many Trump opponents are prepared to walk right into it.

Worst of all, it distracts us (as it’s intended to) from more imminent and serious consequences of a Trump administration– of which there will be no shortage in the coming years and of which many of his supporters will be the victims.