The Islamist extremists that can’t stand Trump for his…. illiberalism?

This is a guest post by Amjad Khan

The news of president elect Donald Trump came as a major surprise to pollsters and the media alike. Shockwaves were sent to the growing regressive leftist movement that could not fathom that such a sexist, racist and xenophobic figure was now the fully-fledged President. How dare Trump push for a form of political rule that makes women second class citizens, punishes religious dissidents and….oh no wait that’s not Trump, that’s the Islamists the left are apologising for.

Without any sense of irony, these leftists are marching with their Islamist extremist allies to challenge Trump’s illiberalism – but what of the partnered Islamists?

Take Iyad el-Baghdadi for example, a political commentator with growing influence and self-described “Islamic libertarian.” Iyad had not taken lightly to the coming of Trump, referring to him as racist and conspired that a Trump loss would’ve led to widespread carnage in the USA.

However, it is a shame to see the same level of scrutiny not being shown for Islamist extremism. In fact, here is Iyad showing sympathy for supporters of Al-Qaeda and Jihad!

Iyad has generalised Trump supporters to be illiberal xenophobes but has somewhat justified a reason as to why so many Muslims join terrorist organisations like Al Qaeda. Moreover, this is seemingly rationalised to be because of the need to defend against “US foreign policy.” Iyad progressed to blame “new atheists” for having blood on their hands too.

Here is another, this time from CAIR (Council on American Islamic Relations). CAIR made no secret of their dislike for Trump, which is fair because Trump has made no secret of his disliking of the Muslim Brotherhood and the affiliated terrorists Hamas. The façade somewhat slipped when CAIR’s Hussam Ayloush called for an Arab spring styled over-throw (the second line translates to “the people want to bring down the regime”)

This is unsurprising I guess, as CAIR, with its Islamist extremist worldview, does little to appreciate the mandate of the people and democratic rights.

The new Trump phenomenon has shed light on the motives of Islamist extremists. This political agenda is not bound by the principles of liberalism, but liberty for religious extremism and apologia for terrorism. Trump is illiberal, but is by no means bound to the theocratic and barbaric ideology that Islamist extremists propagate, and their leftist allies apologise for.