Khalid El-Awaisi and FOSIS – A Perfect Pairing

“We are coming Palestine, you tried to kill us and you will die, it will be the end of Palestine, God willing!”

What kind of welcome would a man who had made this annihilationist death threat receive on a British university campus? I think he’d be lucky to get anywhere near one.

Flip it around. Meet Khalid El-Awaisi, a dubious academic type and a scheduled speaker at the Islamist student group FOSIS’s annual Israel hatred conference, which will be held at UCL on 5 March. El-Awaisi is perfect for FOSIS. From 3:25 in this clip, he rages:

Who’s going to be on the next ship from here? This is our response, Israel. We’re all going to be on that ship, and you tried to kill us, and you will die, and it will be the end of Israel, the end of Israel, inshallah, by the will of God.

The video is from a rally for the Gaza flotilla of 2010. As long term readers of this blog will remember, the flotilla was an enterprise of the Hamas UK network and IHH, the Turkish Islamist charity which supports Hamas and even the mass murderer Shamil Basayev. The main ship was the Mavi Marmara and El-Awaisi’s brother was on board. Perhaps he enjoyed these “Khaybar” chants for murderous antisemitism as the ship sailed to the fight with the IDF that Hamas and IHH wanted?

The man in the green shirt next to El-Awaisi in the demonstration video is Mick Napier, a crude and odious leader of the Scottish Palestine Solidarity Campaign who illustrates El-Awaisi’s world. In his tirade, Napier hailed a Hezbollah flag in the crowd and said he wished he had brought his, called IDF soldiers “swine”, proudly noted he “danced a jig” when he was accused of racism, and threatened the Israeli embassy in London with violence. El-Awaisi cheered him on.

Indeed, El-Awaisi’s “you will die” threat is typical. He has dedicated his life to campaigning against Israel, only in anger. Truth and peace be damned, incitement and incendiary lies to the fore.

In this talk El-Awaisi attempts to brainwash young Muslims into believing they must “liberate” al-Aqsa in Jerusalem.

At 24:25, he says a famous pulpit in the mosque was “burned by the Zionists” in 1969. “The Zionists”? Excuse me? It was an act of a single mentally ill Australian evangelical. El-Awaisi’s claim is, well, extraordinarily irresponsible, to be polite about it.

Elsewhere in the same talk El-Awaisi praises Raed Salah, the notorious antisemitic hate preacher. No surprise there.

Then he concludes with a violent invocation:

Oh Allah, we pray to you to make us from those who fight for the way of Allah and liberate the al-Aqsa mosque.

You’ll see him return to dangerous lies in this report from a visit to a Dublin mosque that is closely connected to the Muslim Brotherhood:

The speaker also addressed the current situation of Al-Quds and Al-Aqsa mosque under Israeli occupation and their attempts to destroy it

El-Awaisi is also a keen promoter of Friends of al-Aqsa, the outfit of Ismail Patel, a veteran Israel hater and Hamas lover. Patel too was on board the Mavi Marmara. So was Raed Salah.

Friends of al-Aqsa is working “in partnership” with FOSIS for this conference at UCL.

So, death threats, incitement, lies, the Hamas network – just right for FOSIS.