Labour Party

Labour Maquis

Labour party members who have been feeling bereft and hopeless since the takeover of the party leadership by Jeremy Corbyn and company, but who still believe in reclaiming the party for its core values– and I hope that includes many of our readers– may want to bookmark this Twitter account.

The “Maquis” is a reference to the French guerrilla resistance during World War II. It’s a pretty provocative way to describe the opposition to the Corbynistas from within Labour, but as a non-Brit, all I can do is wish them the best.

Meanwhile, check out the results of Seamus Milne’s top-notch work as the party’s communications chief. (Click to enlarge.)

The Labour Maquis emblem comes from various incarnations of Star Trek. “Maquis” was the name of a rebel group which the Star Trek creators named after the French resistance movement.

(Hat tip: Neil Page)