Süddeutscher Zeitung criticised for reproducing antisemitic stereotypes

It often seems that antisemitism in the context of criticism of Israel goes unchecked.  So it’s good to see some recognition of this problem in a recent German Press Council ruling that a cartoon reproduced by Süddeutscher Zeitung violated the press code.  I wrote about this case on Engage, and think it should be emphasised that the artist is not to blame here:

The press council agreed with AJC that the caricature reproduces numerous anti-Semitic stereotypes. “The ruling reinforces the message that artistic freedom cannot be used as a cloak to disguise anti-Semitism,” Berger added.

While the press council determined that publication of the cartoon violated the press code’s policy regarding discrimination, it did not censure the newspaper due to “its self-critical confrontation and apology by management” soon after the caricature’s publication.

I thought the newspaper’s response was rather weak and evasive myself – but it’s positive that concerns about the use of this cartoon seem to have been fully acknowledged.

Hat Tip: @CifWatch