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Boris Johnson lies over fares during mayoral debate

Boris Johnson has been caught out telling porky pies claiming he will look at cutting fares for Londoners having raised them year on year during his time in office and previously committing to continuing to do so.

On last night’s BBC One’s London Mayor Johnson said he would “look at what we can do next year to bear down on fares” and that transport fares in London “will go down” if he is elected.

Johnson has previously rubbished Ken Livingstone’s policy of promising to cut fairs as “dishonest” saying that it would “bankrupt” Transport for London and threaten investment in upgrades.

Johnson changed his tune after Green candidate Jenny Jones highlighted the fact that everyone on the platform other than Johnson had pledged to reduce fares. This led Johnson to say:

“They will go down in an honest and sustainable way under me”

Since coming to office in 2008 Johnson has implemented a succession of fare increases. Fares on London’s buses having risen by 50% and as much as 20% in some cases on London Underground.

Johnson had previously committed to further increases of 2% about inflation — until last night that was as he blustered his way through making up as he went along.

Johnson was handed a copy of his own plans by Livingstone to jog his memory illiciting a laugh from the audience.

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