Antizionist film-makers retract Pappe quote

Almost one year ago, I wrote a review of the anti-Israel film With God on our Side, produced by Porter Speakman Jr and hosted by the indefatigable Stephen Sizer. Then, I wrote:

The film starred the dubious cast-list of Rev Stephen Sizer, Prof Gary Burge, Middle East “journalist” Ben White, the decidedly questionable historian Ilan Pappe […] There were, clearly, serious problems with the historical narrative offered in the film […] Perhaps more worrying than the historical narrative offered was the theology that accompanied it.

Now, Christian News Wire reports that Speakman has released this statement:

At the 16:55 minute mark of “With God On Our Side” there is a quote from David Ben Gurion, which states, “The Arabs will have to go, but one needs an opportune moment to make it happen, such as war.” The source for this quote we used was from:

“The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine” Ilan Pappe, page 23 (Ben Gurion’s Diary)

It has come to the attention of the producers of “With God On Our Side” that this quote cannot be found in the original sources of Ben Gurion’s diary and therefore cannot be verified as authentic. While references to this quote exist, we could not find it in its original form. In an effort to be transparent and accurate, the producers have decided to take the extra step of removing it from future printings of “With God On Our Side.” We apologize for this change.

Who else has used a – very similar, but not precisely the same – false Ben Gurion quote?

WGOOS star Ben White, of course.

I somehow doubt that he will similarly offer a full retraction, though.

He has a new book out soon, don’t you know!

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